Time and time again, nature surprises us with elegant solutions to complex problems that give us ideas on how to solve our own challenges. Even some of our greatest technological inventions have a counterpart in nature, and the Internet is no exception.

Scientist have discover, what the BBC coined as the “internet of fungus”, an underground nutrients and information network linking the roots of different plants that may be widely separated, through a mass of thin threads, that made up most of a fungus body, known as MYCELIUM.

This natures show of incredible capacity to adapt and form mutually beneficial relationships between living organisms’ served us as inspiration to start Mycelium Networks, and provide collaborative IoT solutions through a network of partners.


Our core solution is the SmartDataSystem Platform, built on the experiences from renewable energy consulting and monitoring projects and the expertise acquired developing and marketing a cloud based mobile messaging platform that connected companies and people, processing more than 120 million transactions monthly.


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