The Smart Data System enablement platform

The environmental conditions inside a greenhouse are basic to ensure plants are kept alive and healthy. In most cases, these greenhouses have the possibility to modify the internal temperature and humidity through active systems (e.g. dehumidifiers, air conditioners, boilers, fans, water sprinklers) or through passive systems, for example the mechanized opening of air passages in roofs or facades.

By deploying actuators and sensors to measure parameters such as temperature and humidity inside and outside the greenhouse, soil and / or leaf moisture, etc., a set of rules can be configured within the Smart Data System platform to control all existing active or passive systems and ensure optimal environmental conditions.

Additionally, the platform can be used to reduce and control costs associated with the greenhouse management, such as litres of water consumed for irrigation, kilos of fertilizer used, quantity of products harvested. This information can then be used to have a clear view of overall expenditures and help take actions to optimize the production process and maximize profitability.

Available SDS modules

Available SDS modules