The Smart Data System enablement platform

Telecommunication towers generally have an emergency power supply (UPS) equipped with batteries to ensure continuity of service. In addition, in areas were access is difficult and no electricity grid is available, towers rely on renewable energy sources or power generators with combustion engines for autonomous power supplies.

In all cases it is essential to continuously check the correct functioning of the batteries, given that they are the central element, and at the same time the weakest, to ensure the electrical supply continuity for the telecommunication towers. And for autonomous towers (not connected to an electricity grid), the quality of generation for renewable energy systems, and the fuel level for diesel generators, are key factors that must be controlled.

The Smart Data System platform enables the reading of all operating parameters provided by power supply and electrical continuity systems on a telecommunications tower and take actions based on them.

A few examples are:

  • Predictive maintenance tasks for energy generation and storage systems
  • Ensure continuity of service by automatically starting diesel generators on main power supply failures
  • Optimize fuel refuelling routes based on consumption levels

Available SDS modules

Available SDS modules